Monday, June 16, 2014

A Story Worth Reading

"The only people who truly know your story are the ones who help you write it."- Unknown

These past couple of days I've been thinking a lot about family.

These past few months, actually.

Today, I sat in a church in Dayton, Ohio, and celebrated the life of my 93 year old great-aunt.  It was a touching service, complete with I'll Fly Away, I Can Only Imagine, and memories from her daughter and grand-daughter.

They knew her story, because they helped her write it. 

She also wrote a lot of their stories, too. 

The pastor spoke of her Christian heritage that started with Poppy and Mam. 

That same heritage that my Grandma Na's story was written with.

As her grand-daughter talked about Aunt Virginia, the stories she shared made me laugh, partly because Aunt Virginia was so spunky, but also because the stories were somewhat familiar, because the same thread that was weaved through her family was weaved through mine.

It's funny how two women, separated by 10 years and many miles, could be so alike, yet so different.

Aunt Virginia was the last sibling living in my grandma's family.  She was the second oldest daughter.  My Grandma Na was the youngest daughter. 

But even though 10 years separated them, they were raised with the same values.  Above all, Jesus. Then family. Then serving others.

Today, the pastor preached about our legacy, and how to live is Christ and to die is gain.  As I sat and listened, I thought of how for Aunt Virginia and for Grandma Na, that verse was just as true as it was for Paul.  Their day to day existence was living for Christ.  They loved Jesus.  You knew it when you spoke to them.  And to die, just meant for them to be with Him.  

Jesus should be palpable.  He should be oozing from our very being.. and I'm not so sure that is true for me. There are a lot of times I don't love people like I should.  There are many times when I am impatient and judgmental and crabby.

But the great thing is that He knows that.  After all, He's the author of my story.  If anyone knows how it goes, it is Him... and He loves me completely.  He's also the perfecter of my faith... so if my story doesn't look so great now, He's just not done with the editing.

Keep writing, Lord Jesus... and hopefully people will keep reading and find their way to You.

Give my Mamaw a hug, Aunt Virginia... and since I didn't see you again on this side of Heaven, I'll see you in Heaven. 

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