Monday, January 22, 2018

Just An Everyday Monday

Somehow it's January 22 and I'm only on Day 13 of this #My500Word 31 day challenge, but I've written every day but one, which is an improvement for me.

Today I really didn't want to log on here and write, because it's been a crazy day and to be honest I've been looking forward to my head hitting the pillow since I dragged myself out of the bed... and it's just Monday...

But, I'm determined to try to do more follow-through this year, so write I will.

I just can't promise it will be exciting.

Today's prompt is to write about my day.

A typical Monday.

Get Caleb up.

Get up and get ready.

Get a text from Nora that Sawyer's back in surgery. Say a prayer.

Drive from Frenchburg to Morehead.

Read a couple of pages from a book as I wait in the line at McDonalds.

One plain biscuit, one small Diet Coke.

Office work for less than an hour as I tackled a to do list that I don't even know where to start...

Class from 10-1250. Teaching about oxygenation. Prayers for Sawyer.

Meet with an adjunct faculty member. Go over clinical assignments and blackboard.

Work on to do list. Don't even make a dent. End up adding more than I cross off.

Meet with another faculty member about a clinical assignment.

Head to Weight Watchers for the first time. Stand in line to get on the scales- there has to be some kind of irony there, because who wants to step on the scale? Think about why I want to lose weight... I want to be more active. I don't want to have blood pressure problems. I want to be able to buy clothes wherever.

Drive from Morehead to Frenchburg.

Sit with Caleb at the ballgame and cheer for the Wildcats.

Wash a load of clothes.

Walk 2 miles on the treadmill and feel like I'm going to die.

Go downstairs only to discover that the clothes I thought were washed had not, in fact, went through the whole cycle. Got worried the washing machine was broken. Ironed.

Came upstairs and watched videos reviewing the skills I'll cover in lab tomorrow.

Write for the P31 OBS Facebook page.

Try not to think of how nonproductive today was, and instead, concentrate on how each of these small, mundane tasks can lead to something bigger. A better life for me. A better life for someone else. A new friend. A connection made.

Thank You, Lord, for the everyday. Redeem my time so that it is Yours and so that my tasks are Your priority. As I think of all I need to do, help me not neglect to be...

Be still and know You are God. Every day of mine is written down in Your book.

Help me not get overwhelmed by all I have to do; rather, help me concentrate on all You have already done and will continue to do in my life.

Help me appreciate little moments, and savor these.

Help me identify my time-wasters and address these.

Thank You for today, just a typical, Manic Monday...

because every day is the same to You, and You are in control.

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