Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017: A Year to Live

I've anxiously awaited the new year since mid-fall.

Seriously... 2016 was hard for a lot of reasons, and I think most people were ready for a reset.

Me included. As we counted down to the ball dropping, Will was jumping up and down and when it reached one he yelled, "Yay! We won!" and that's exactly how I felt about the end of 2016.

We survived. It wasn't pretty, but we lived to tell the tale.

The new year brings me great joy and hope, even though I know there really isn't anything special. As we were sitting around after the ball dropped, Caleb said, "Well, I don't feel any different."

And while that is true, the clean page of 2017 beckoned me. Even though I knew I could be writing my story all along, there's something about fresh starts that are beautiful.

I don't make resolutions, because I know I'm not disciplined and also because I have learned that we truly never know what tomorrow holds, and things that seem important one day suddenly become very, very trivial at the drop of a hat.

I do, however, like to reflect on where I am and set goals for the coming year.... so, here's my 17 for 2017.

1. Because I've chosen "LIVE" to be my word for 2017, focusing on Galatians 2:20, being crucified to self but alive through Christ, my first goal is to live to the fullest. Embrace life. Die to myself. Take deep breaths and enjoy the experience. Too often we only survive... and while it sounds cliché, this is my year to thrive! (Or at least enjoy the floundering as much as possible).

2. Exercise. Walk 10,000 steps a day, exercising at least a minimum of 30 minutes per day 5 days a week. Also I want to hike as much as possible, do some Pound at least once a week, and just move more in general. Wallace bought us a kayak so that's on the agenda once the weather gets warmer. And I'd love to run a 5K- a goal I've had for several years, so...

3. Read through the Chronological Bible.

4. Bible studies- Scripture memorization through the book Matters of the Heart, and the Scripture Memorization team through Living Proof Live. Other Bible studies I have include All Things New by Kelly Minter, Mark by Lisa Harper, Hosea by Jennifer Rothschild, and Entrusted by Beth Moore. Lifeway is praying through the Psalms the first 40 days of the year.

I want to do it all!

5. Explore KY- visit at least 10 new counties and do something fun and different in each of them, or something unique to that county.

6. Write every day. I'd like to *gasp* write a book. Maybe a devotional, or a collection of stories from my family... I'm debating, but I'm hoping to put some pen to paper and actually get started.

7. Learn something new- Spanish, piano... I don't know. Just learn.

8. And be intentional about learning. Acknowledge what new things I was introduced to. Look for opportunities to learn... about things I didn't really think I'd want to learn about.

9. Random/unrandom acts of kindess- Things that I can do to make life better for other people.

10. Be more intentional about friendship. Reach out to at least one person a week. Facilitate relationships with people of different ages and interests.

11. Read 130 books. This is always my favorite one!

12. Snap a pic every day- make memories

13. Count 1,000 Gifts- Be thankful- and Be the GIFT (giving it forward today).

14. Laugh.  Hard. Everyday.

15. Three 15s a day- 15 minutes to plan, 15 minutes to reflect, using it to grow. 15 minutes of picking up the house every day.

16. Make time for family. My parents. Siblings. In-laws. Grandma. Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. And also those who may not have family.

17. Live out Micah 6:8- Seek justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God.

My goals center around becoming healthier physically and mentally. Growing closer to God. Preach my own funeral every day.


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