Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Self-Professed Quitter

Y'all, I'm a quitter.

And I'm not really ashamed to admit it.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going... but I'm not tough.

I'm a big wimp, if I tell the truth.

That's why I love Nicki Koziarz's book 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn't Quit.

Maybe if I read this book, I thought, and develop these habits, they'll become a part of me, and I won't quit.

Won't quit exercising when I'm tired.

Won't quit reading my Bible all the way through because I'm too busy (I know... that sounds bad. But it's true).

Won't quit on relationships.

What I realized as I read, though, is that I'm not alone.

Nicki was inside my head.

How often have I given up because I wanted something right then and there?

"A committed woman learns to choose what she wants most over what she wants now."

I don't want to have to buy new jeans... that's what I want most. So I'll NOT skip the treadmill, which is what I really want now.

A potential for opposition is an opportunity for God to reveal Himself.

That means that I can't give up... can't quit... when opposition reveals itself... because He's working behind the scenes.

Sometimes life isn't comfortable.

And when I get uncomfortable, I want to quit. Run away. Hide my head under the covers.

Momentary feelings will always try to convince us to forfeit our faithfulness.

Too often I've relied strictly on my feelings, and my feelings have said, "Stop. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't feel like this is working. I don't feel like I'm good enough. I feel like I need to quit."

And then, when she talks about a quiet quitter... oh, my heart.

Because it's me.

I get my feelings hurt and just want to quit. Quit His Word. Retreat to my safe place. Not be around anyone.

But that does me absolutely no good.

The 5 Habits center on Ruth and her commitment to Naomi, her faithfulness to a God she didn't even really know, and how her commitment... her focus on her assignment... allowed her to affect generational lines.

The generational lines that led to Jesus.

And that's why I need to learn how to not quit... because what I do affects Caleb. And will affect his kids, and their kids, and so on and so on.

When Caleb wants to quit something, Wallace will tell him, "We Bates aren't quitters."

So I've got to quit quitting... and Nicki's book, and the 5 habits she focuses on, has motivated me to do better.

It's a process. I'll stumble. I'll quit... but I'll get back up, because He's behind me and His plans are good.

If you struggle with some of the same things I've talked about, this book is for you. Nicki's writing style is warm and friendly, and she relates real life stories to let you know she understands about being a quitter. She'll inspire you, make you laugh, and above all, point you to Jesus.

And He is ALWAYS faithful and never quits on us.

Thank goodness.

The 5 Habits has been on sale for a couple of days at Amazon, and you can buy it at Lifeway and Barnes and Noble... but the official launch day is today, March 1st. It's been my great privilege to serve on Nicki's launch team for this book, and I received a free copy of the book for writing an honest review... but it's a book I'd gladly purchase. And, if you're interested in going deeper, it will be the next study that Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies will be completing, so check out that sign-up.

Keep on keeping on!!!


  1. I loved that Nicki is a fellow quitter, and has been where we are. A great read!

  2. Wonderful review. This is a must read book. Thank you for sharing.