Friday, March 11, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Share

Linking up with Five Minute Friday, where we write unedited for five minutes on one prompt. This week's prompt? SHARE

I'm an introvert.

I don't have a lot of friends.

When I was in high school, people thought that I was snobby and thought that I was better than everyone else...

And maybe I was a little bit of a mean girl.

I wish that I hadn't been, though.

I wish that I had been more of an extrovert, more of a people person, more comfortable in my own skin...

Even at my age, I'm still not comfortable in my own skin.

But maybe none of us are.

Maybe we're only comfortable showing our "perfect" side.

Posting the pic where we look good.

Writing the status where everything is grand in our life.

It's easy to share our successes. We want everyone to pat us on the back and maybe be just a teensy bit jealous.

But to share my insecurities? The fact that sometimes, a lot of the time, even, I feel insecure?

No way can I share that.

But here's the deal...

When you think of the word share as it relates to a child, it's about them playing together. Cooperating. Giving up the toy...

Or sharing some chips. Tearing off a piece of cookie.

It's two people who may not have anything in common... other than the thing they are sharing.

And the thing about imperfection? About our insecurities? About our bad days where we're really not sure if we'll even make it through one. more. breath?

Yeah... we're not alone in those, even though we may feel like it.

Because as humans, we share that imperfection.

We share that sense of failure.

We share the sense that there has to be something more...

Because there is.

His name is Jesus.

He doesn't share our imperfections... He was perfect in every way.

He doesn't share our insecurities...

But what He did share?

His kingdom. His Spirit. His Righteousness.

His inheritance.

Because He loves us that much... even while we were yet sinners and full of imperfections.

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  1. Thanks for sharing on sharing! :) I enjoyed reading this - very thoughtful!