Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Protons and Electrons

This evening I had a really deep thought.

I read somebody's status on facebook that rubbed me the wrong way.

That happens a lot... and it is my gut reaction to comment on it. Either by typing a comment...

or at least saying something out loud (which means I'm crazy, because I'm usually talking to myself).

Anyway, I started thinking of how some people are always negative. You could offer them $1 million tax free and they'd complain about how to spend it.

Which made me think of the particles of atoms.

It's been a long time since I've had chemistry, but I was pretty sure that those particles can't change their charge. Protons are positive and electrons are negative.

But what I found interesting as I reviewed these little particles is this- opposites attract.

That's just the opposite of what we think with people. If I'm a positive person, I don't want to be around that negativity. I'm repelled by the "electron"... but my positivity is just what they need.

So... you can be positive. You can change, unlike the proton and electron. Choose to be somebody's proton, and spread the love!

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