Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Back on the Wagon

Y'all.  Pride stinks.

I've been so proud of myself for maintaining my weight all of 2015.  Going back to work means seeing people you haven't seen in a couple of weeks, and I had several people tell me "You've lost more weight."

And I had... until last week.

I can't blame it on the holidays, although I may have indulged a little in red velvet cupcakes.

I can blame it on brown butter cookies from Yoder's in Knott County.

Two plates of them.


I've also been increasing my water intake, so this morning I almost let myself be convinced when Wallace assured me that the five pounds I gained this week is water weight.

Until I considered those brown butter cookies.

I've preached and preached about how my weight loss hasn't been focused on diet, and I still stand firm on that. I really haven't limited what I've eaten, and have found that increasing my exercise has balanced it out. I weigh every single day, first thing in the morning. Some research advises against that, because of fluctuations that may be discouraging, but it helps me admit if I'm starting to go down the wrong track. I've also started tracking what I eat, writing it down, which research shows helps you be more aware.

Apparently brown butter cookies take a couple of days to be metabolized into fat. And maybe I didn't quite realize how many times I wrote down "brown butter cookie".  Or maybe I did and just thought that I was invincible.

So tonight, I got on the treadmill even though I really didn't want to and walked an extra half mile when what I really wanted to do was crawl in the bed under the heated blanket and drown my weight gain in white chocolate Kit Kats.

And tomorrow I'll keep drinking water and maybe opt not to eat the large fry with my value meal.

On second thought, I'll be having popcorn at the concession stand and walking laps during the game because that's just what I do.

Wonder how many laps one brown butter cookie equals?

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