Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Gift

Celebrate the small things.

Like the fact that I made it out of my icy driveway today without sliding into the creek.

(Although I've yet to make it home).

And like the fact that my student brought in gooey, glazey (is that a word... but they were. Dripping with glaze) donuts this morning as a special treat.

And the fact that I'm breathing.

That's always a bonus.

Because sometimes life isn't all that great...

but there's always good in every day.

The sunshine outside.

My pink coat that makes me smile because Wallace was thoughtful enough to purchase it.

Texts from Caleb.

Life is a gift.  We just have to view it as such.

Even though sometimes we're not sure we like the package it comes in. Even if the ribbon is tied in knots that we can't figure out how to get loose.

He's holding it out to us, one moment at a time. It's not let's make a deal, where you choose from one door or another and one door has the real prize.

Every choice we make can be the real prize. We just have to learn to appreciate it.

Help me, Lord, stay focused on You and Your gifts.

In Jesus's sweet name.


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