Friday, August 2, 2013

The Story of Our Life

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Fridays... todays word? Story...


Caleb loves stories at night.  As were are getting ready for bed, "Mom, tell me another story."

And I usually don't have any.  I had a great childhood, got to do lots of fun stuff, had a wonderful family and good memories... but I've about told them out. I usually draw a blank.  I usually put myself to sleep...

But I am a story that God is writing.  While I'm compiled of all of these events that make up who I am, it's all part of a plot that is intricately wound together.  He's the Creator, and His story is good...even as I hold my breath sometimes in anticipation of where the plot is going next.

We each have a unique story. And while He is writing it, He is also sharing with us.  Each day, we're given the opportunity to add another line. We develop new chapters, closing out old ones.  And He is there, painstakingly editing and ensuring that it all works together.

One of my favorite quotes... not sure who said it... but its true.  Every life is a story.  Make yours worth reading. Five Minute Friday


  1. I think God's stories are always the best stories and his children tell them so well, by walking out their lives each day with him. Im sure one day all the stories you have told you son, he will re-tell them to his children :)

  2. Love that... we all tell His stories by walking out our lives with Him. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That's a great post, I wrote about almost the same thing, ha! visiting from FMF. Enjoy your story!