Friday, August 9, 2013


Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday where we write for five minutes, unedited, on a prompt.  Today's word? Lonely...
Five Minute Friday

Lonely... even in a crowd of people.

Lonely... even with family that loves.

Lonely... feeling like no one understands.

Lonely... is such a lonely word.

Lonely is longing for companionship, searching for words to say to connect, feeling like your heart is bared on your sleeve with no one to care for it.

Lonely is crying tears with no one to help you wipe them away.

How can we be lonely in this hurry up world of social media and facebook statuses and blogging and tweets and pinterest perfect homes and instagram to see what all our "friends" are up to...

Comparision and lonely because we aren't as good.  We aren't as perfect. We don't live an exciting life and we are stuck in the mundane and we only see our failures...

Lonely because we long for true connections that aren't available in 140 words or less. 

The remedy is Jesus, the time-tested friend and comforter, the One who knows what we were made for and knows we are imperfect, sees those imperfections and lovingly works on them to perfect us and make us all we were meant to be...

So we don't have to be lonely any more.  And when we meet Him and really get to know Him He comes into our hearts so we are not lonely, and because He is so great in there and His Spirit is so strong we become a conduit, reaching out to others who may be just as lonely, helping them see that their loneliness is really just a deep longing for the God who longs to be our best friend and our all in all.

May You know His comfort today, wherever you are, friend.


  1. what blessed encouragement. Just lovely...

  2. Truth! Stopping by from Lisa-Jo's place and I am so glad I did. Be blessed:)

  3. I couldn't have said it more perfectly

  4. the remedy is Jesus...AMEN. joining you from FMF