Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits, Vol 2 Edition 4

 Life hacks- those of you tech savvy people probably already know this. Me, I sometimes struggle with turning on a computer, so... 

If you are trying to "save" a website, you can click "print" and then "save as pdf" and you have a document. This came in handy uploading the documents into my promotion notebook that I'd put off for months...

If you have too many audio books or podcasts to listen to, play them on a higher speed. Unless you enjoy listening to the reader. Case in point, I've been listening to some of my podcasts on 1.25 speed, until I turned on my friend Emily Freeman today and I was reminded that one of the reasons I like to listen to that podcast is because I like her calm, soothing voice... so I slowed it down. 

Wordle- I'm obsessed. Ok, maybe not obsessed, but I am enjoying this game. 

Lighting a candle helps make the day better. 

22 for 22- 

-Walk a 5K for a charity once a month. I've only got 6 days left this month... so I'm hoping for warmer weather on Saturday. Or Sunday. 

-Organize my phone photos. I started out doing good with this. I downloaded the Amazon app and uploaded all of my photos there. The plan is to do this once a month, and then eventually sort them into folders. This just hasn't been on the priority list this month. 

-Use my one-line a day journal- I've been doing this. Recording something that made me smile, or made me sad, or just something I did. Thoughts I had. Bible verse I read. Just something to help me remember the moment. 

Tuesday Tidbits on the blog- 4/4 on Tuesdays in January =) Also a goal of writing every day... journaling, writing, instagram posts, etc. I've also been meeting with a couple of fellow writers each Wednesday and it is delightful. 

What I've Read This Week

1. The First Songs of Christmas- another devotional book I took my time with. 

2. Crying in H Mart- This memoir about a daughter dealing with the loss of her mother is a delightful read. Enjoyed reading about another culture and how she navigates both her American traditions along with her mother's Korean ones. Much enjoyed. 

Next week will be February- here's to the long, dark shortest month of winter... but summer is coming =) 

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