Saturday, July 10, 2021

Book People are my People

 Book people are my people. There's a kindred spirit with someone else who loves words. 

Words on a page, that bring meaning to our emotions and experiences. Words that unite. Words that make you think. Words that help you process. Words that transport you to another world, another culture, another place, another time. 

Just as airports are gateways to an adventure. the door of a bookstore can do that in your own community. Owning a bookstore has always been my dream job, but Wallace assured me I'd read away all the profits. 

I love my Kindle. I love being able to download ten books and have them at my fingertips at anytime. I am never alone or bored because I have my books with me. I can read in the dark and change the font. 

But it's not a book. 

There's something about a new, uncracked spine... and if you are a reader like me, a spine that shows some wear and tear. 

The feel of pages turning underneath your fingers, of peeking ahead to see how many pages you have left, of holding the heaviness of a book and feeling the sustenance it gives to the soul. 

Book people understand...

the thrill of unread stacks of books. 

Zooming in on a pic of a book stack on social media to see if there's anything you haven't read... or a book that you particularly love. 

The anticipation when you walk in a bookstore and see those shelves of unopened books... a world of possibility at your fingertips. 

There's something intimate about a bookstore, as well, as your selections often bare your soul to those around you. Your title choice, the topic about which you are learning, the hurt you're looking to drown, the curiosity related to something new, the need to escape...

it can all be found by a book. 

Now I love Half-Price books. I love Barnes and Noble. 

But there's something about a bookstore that has your roots. 

Today, I talked local books with Mandy at Read Spotted Newts and I think I've found a little piece of home. 

I'll still be on my Kindle and still be visiting the library that I've rediscovered, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be treating myself to some special titles from her store. She's got a good selection of local authors, which is one of the things I'm loving right now- exploring Ky through the words of her people. 

As Anne Bogel, one of my favorite podcasters, always quotes on her podcast (originally quote attributed to Rainer Rilke), "Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading."

Check out Read Spotted Newt on Facebook or Instagram or stop by in person if you're in Hazard! 

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