Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What I Learned in Spring

1. I always thought Somebody's Watching Me was sung by The Police.

Wrong. It's sung by a singer named Rockwell, whose father was a bigwig at Motown Records... and Michael Jackson sang backup vocals on the chorus.

The Police did sing about watching, though... "Every breath you take... I'll be watching you."

2. Girl Scout cookies- different kinds for different states. I discovered this when I was visiting Kami in Knoxville, and a troop was set up in front of the store. I spied a yellow box and requested "Lemonades"... but they didn't have lemonades. They had Savannah Smiles, which were ok, but not as good as the Lemonades we have in Kentucky. The leader said, "We wish we had those, but our manufacturing plant doesn't make those." Yet another time I was lucky to be in Kentucky!

3. "OK" is a mistake- short for "oll korrect", a popular misspelling of "all correct". I've used "ok" my whole life but had no idea what it stood for!

4. Morehead State University... landlocked... has a beach volleyball team. That has amazed me! When I picture beach volleyball, I picture, well... the beach. And the closest thing to the beach in Morehead is Cave Run Lake, which is beautiful, but not my idea of a beach...

5. Anybody who is familiar with Kentucky knows about Ale 8 1, our signature non-alcoholic drink manufactured in Winchester. It was created in 1926 to be served at the  Clark County Fair, and was named Ale81, as in  "A late one"- the latest thing. It's not my cup of tea, but a lot of people in my parts drink it religiously!

6. You can totally do something if you put your mind to it!  Sincerely, Lauren Bates, DNP, RN =)

7. Mean Joe Green drank more than 20 bottles of Coke a day for his 1979 Coke commercial... and the commercial took 3 days! Mean Joe was known for his "mean" image, and this Coke commercial helped paint him in a better light. He actually drank the Coke, though, because he wanted to make it authentic.
Check out the commercial here-
8. The third Thursday of April is National High Five Day.
9. Vanderbilt Costume Ball of 1883- I had always been fascinated by the Vanderbilts, since watching a show about Biltmore and other famous houses. I recently read a book set at the Vanderbilt Costume Ball of 1883, an elaborate affair where one woman dressed as a cat... complete with an actual cat head as part of the costume. Learn more here:

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