Friday, June 2, 2017

FMF Future

It's hard to believe it is already June, 2017.

I've been a bit nostalgic lately...

I'll have a kiddo starting high school in the fall, and Wallace is no longer coaching, and I'm busy working with others to plan a 20th year high school reunion, so I've really been thinking a lot about where I am in life.

Plus, the word of the year is "live" and that's what I've been trying to do.

When I teach about growth and development I realize that my age centers me in young adulthood, but I feel more in tune with middle adulthood, which is generativity vs. stagnation... where I'm starting to look toward developing the younger generation, because I have tried my best (and continue to try) to do that every day.

Everyone is a beginner at something, and needs a mentor...

And I think of how quickly these next few years will fly by, and then I'll be in that older adult stage, where my goal will be to maintain ego integrity and not have despair, looking back on my life and feeling like I've contributed.

I've tried to live in the present, but I also realize that there is something lurking just around the corner.

I have to prepare for it, knowing it is uncertain.

We don't know what tomorrow holds, so we have to live in this moment preparing for it.

How we treat others today will impact how they will treat us tomorrow.

The story we write today will affect our happy ending.

Each small act is like a rock thrown in a still stream, causing a ripple effect that will push water into the bank.

Our legacies, what others think of us in days to come, are what we are living today...

The future isn't all that far away... so make today count.

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Today's post? FUTURE (Image from FMF webpage in the above link...)

Make the most of your today so your tomorrow will be brighter...

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment and make sure we know how our decisions are affecting others as well as ourselves! Glad to be your neighbor at five minute Friday!!