Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Hymn Book: Prayer Bells of Heaven

There are some songs that resonate with our souls.

They give hope.

They bring comfort.

The peace of God washes over us as we listen to the lyrics.

There are some songs that invoke us to fall on our knees in worship. There are some songs that you can't listen to without wanting to raise your hands to the sky. His glory is great and His power is awesome and He shares just a little bit of that with us.

There are some songs that give us a little glimpse of Heaven. The joy and the happiness and the realization that we won't ever have to leave, that we won't ever face sadness or death again.

And then there are some songs that are special to us... special because of their words and their message and perhaps the people who sing them.

Prayer Bells of Heaven is one such song for me.
Today I'm writing at Sweet to the Soul for their Sunday Hymn Book and I'd love for you to join me to see just why Prayer Bells of Heaven means so much to me!  (Click on Sweet to the Soul and you'll find yourself there!)

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