Thursday, February 18, 2016

Content to Complain

Today felt like spring. 

It was a balmy 45 degrees with the sun shining... which felt like 80 degrees compared to the artic tundra we've been living in here in Kentucky.

And then, as I sat in my car waiting for my Mom to meet me to go to a ballgame, I found myself wanting to complain.

The sun was so bright, a foreign object in the sky, and it was giving me a headache. I literally got sick to my stomach and was afraid I was developing a migraine.

And I almost said, "I don't like that sunshine."

Because I'm like that a lot.

I complain about the very circumstances that I've longed for.

I'm not very good at being content.

Paul tells us that being content is something we can learn. We can choose.

In any circumstance.

And I'm counting it as progress that I at least noticed that I was getting ready to complain.

And progress counts for something =)

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