Monday, February 1, 2016

Not the Fashion Expert

Today Caleb and I were talking about SMS prom.

Yes, a middle school prom.

He asked me how much a dress cost when I went to prom.

I explained to him that we didn't have a prom when I was in middle school, but we did have dances, and I can remember what I wore to my very first dance.

A pair of white Esprit jeans and a navy blue shirt, with a blue and white ribbon tied as the belt.

Which brought up the conversation about what brands I liked when I was young.

I told him about Martin's Department store, which was in the shopping center where Dad worked. As he'd work late on tax returns, I'd walk over and window shop. I'd try on Used jeans and browse at Liz Claiborne purses. Then I'd walk next door to Little Caesars and pick up crazy bread, extra doughy, because shopping makes you have an appetite.

"Used jeans?" He said.

"Yes. As in a brand. They had holes in them with fabric underneath and we wore them rolled up tight. Or I also liked Guess jeans. But mostly I wore Levis."

With  tretorns and Keds and K-swiss.

And also a lot of soffee shorts and oversized sweatshirts and Asics cheerleading shoes.

But I wasn't a fashion expert... as I'm reminded every single time I look at pictures from that time period.

But I'm pretty sure no one else was, either.

Ah... memories.

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