Monday, February 15, 2016

My Take on the Grammys

Things I've learned watching the Grammys:

1. I'm out of touch with modern society. I mean, I thought I knew about today's music because I have to suffer through Caleb's music on shuffle, but... apparently he only picks the best of the best.

2. I'm ok with being out of touch with today's music. I really don't have to understand what Alabama Shakes actually means. And even though Caleb and I like Sam Hunt, he's not country music.

3. I'm officially old, because a lot of this really isn't music. Also, the "good" music I remember on the radio is now on the oldies station.

4. Johnny Depp can play a guitar.

5. Adele can battle through bad sound because she is basically perfect, even though I missed half the performance because Wallace decided to call someone just as she started singing.

6. The term music is relative.

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