Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow For Days

I AM NOT a winter girl. 

I dislike cold weather and I love sunshine.

I do not like snow...

But once, every now and then, I find myself excited for the prospect of snow days.

Like my Grandma used to do, on days when snow is in the forecast, I find myself waking at 4 AM just to see if there is snow on the ground.

I don't sleep well on nights when it may snow.

Anticipation? Dread? Hoping I can stay in the bed longer in the morning? A combination of all of those, I suppose...

But I knew the forecasters would get the snow forecast right this time around, because yesterday was President's Day and I was scheduled not to have work... but Wallace and Caleb had school.

So, of course, the snow fell.

And continued to fall... all. Through. The. Day.

The largest snowfall of Caleb's life.

Kentucky was declared a state of emergency, as was Breathitt Co.

We were encouraged to stay at home...

and since my Mom had plenty of chocolate chip cookie dough brownies and Wallace had lots of Diet Coke, we did just that.

We did brave the cold enough to get the Ranger out and do a few donuts, and Caleb and I made one snow angel... until I fell backward only to discover that my shirt was, indeed, not tucked in and my flesh came into contact with the snow.

I quickly headed back up to my warm house, took a hot bath, and buried under the electric blanket for the remainder of the night.

The snow drifts in the back of the house are up to the windows and the cars were pretty much covered, until Wallace braved the weather and shoveled them out.

Being the good sport that I am, and knowing that someone needed to be coherent to assist him if he became hypothermic, I sat on the couch under the blanket and read my Kindle.

He can thank me later.

I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of quality time together, as we currently have 13 inches in our yard and the forecast is calling for subzero temps for most of the rest of the week and an additional 1-3 inches tomorrow.

Snow for days...

with lots of books to read!

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