Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just a Little Sunshine

This morning was gloomy and gray with a mild wind suggesting colder temps.  And yes, I'm aware it is February, but I am perfectly ok with temps in the 50s.  As far as I'm concerned, old man winter can stay far, far away. The sooner we get to summer the better.

I had planned on walking 5 miles but I was already dreading it because I have no DVR'd Dance Moms and football season is over and there weren't any college basketball games on TV that I cared about.  I can handle 2 miles of listening to music and reading my Kindle but 5 just about does me in.

So I said a little prayer that whatever rain was coming would hold off, at least until I got home from church and got my walk in.

I think sometimes God listens to our petty desires and shakes His head... but He loves us so much that He listens anyway.

Kind of like me when Caleb gets started on the newest form of technology...

As I walked the clouds were still thick and the wind was still a little chilly.  I listened to Matt Maher and Mercy Me and Lauren Daigle.

I thought about the tweet I had read from one of Kami's friends yesterday, a simple citation of a Bible verse. When I looked it up, Galatians 2:20, I read about Christ in me and being crucified in Christ and living with Him in me. I thought about the sermon this morning, about no condemnation in Christ and His power in me and how I'm not ashamed of the gospel, of how that good news means that I have access to the throne room and that the One on the throne has all power. As Lauren Daigle sang "You plead my cause, You right my wrongs... You break my chains... You overcome... You gave Your life... to give me mine" I found myself overwhelmed. 

And then, Kristian Standfill's Children of the Light song came on shuffle.  As he sang about sending the Son...
God chose that moment to make the sun appear through the clouds.  As the warmth hit my face, I laughed out loud.  He not only held off the rain, but He made the sun shine through.

He's too good.

It didn't last too much longer and there were even a few raindrops shortly after my walk, but I got my five miles in.

Exercise for my physical body, and a nice reminder spiritually to get me ready for this coming week.

He's in control.  He loves me.  And He likes to make us smile.

Thank You, Lord.

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