Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts

As I was typing that title, I had to stop and think... Is this really Tuesday... which does not bode well for the rest of the week.

But yesterday seemed like it was a year long.

Just to catch y'all up on what my week has been like...

Sunday Caleb decided to go to ball practice with Wallace.  I had no idea he was even over there, until I get a text that reads, "I've fallen and I'm hurt."

Which just made me think of that old commercial where the little old lady has fallen in the floor. You know the one, that really isn't funny, but yet it is. "I've fallen and I can't get up..."

Only Caleb was able to get up.

I was convinced it was a sprain. Limited swelling.  Complete range of motion.  No bruising. No knot.  Just a little pain.

Long story short, after an x-ray the next day, he ended up in a cast for a broken radial and ulna bone.

A black cast, mind you, that needed a silver Sharpie for all the signatures.

No fun.

Added to that melodrama was the fact that yesterday I had students scheduled for skills checkoffs, meaning Caleb and the broken arm and I had to go set up the lab, then go to the doctor, then go back to the college to make sure those students were ok.

Caleb didn't mind... he doesn't mind going to my school.

It's only his own school, where work is expected, that he is allergic to.

On the plus side, he did get a doctor's excuse for no PE or sports for 3 weeks. The only difference between that and any other time is that he actually has a statement saying he can't participate, rather than made up excuses.

I love my kid. 

And I'm thankful that it wasn't a worse injury.

3-6 weeks in a cast will be nothing... and at least it isn't summertime.

Even though I really wish it was summertime.

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