Friday, January 31, 2014

What I Learned in January

1. There are no  TV shows quite as good as those you grow up with.  I can sit and watch Full House for hours (let's face it... Uncle Jesse is just.  that.  cute.).  I was saddened when Uncle Phil (James Avery) from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air passed away.  I loved Fresh Prince.  Who knew, though, that .Uncle Phil also played the voice of Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons?  While I was not a huge fan of TMNT, I had a cousin who was, and I think we were all familiar with the story line.  That evil ninja nemesis of the turtles?  Yep... the uncle in Bel Air.,,20771289,00.html

2. Churches have steeples to make the buildings look more graceful.  Also, they help draw the eye upward toward Heaven.

3. The BCS for college football has only been around for since 1998.  The SEC won the first series, with Tennessee beating Florida State.  Since then, the SEC has won over half of them: 9/15; 10/16 if Auburn wins.  (Note: They didn't.  In a spectacular ending to the BCS Championship series, Florida State beat Auburn. Bama fans everywhere are thankful.)

4. Who knew there was a holiday for nearly everything?

5. The development of House/Congress- the Virginia Plan called for representation based on size, meaning that states with larger populations would get more votes.  The New Jersey Plan called for equal representation, regardless of population.  The Conneticut plan (Or Great Compromise) developed the system we have now, a House of Representatives, where number is based on size, and the Senate, where each states have two representatives regardless of size.  Then, there was the discussion for how slaves should count.  The 3/5 Compromise- three fifths of the slave population counted toward numbers for population.

6. Grief is a funny thing. Sometimes it sneaks up on you and nearly paralyzes you... even as you consciously know it isn't realistic to be sad.  A life well-lived is cause for celebration.  I saw my Grandma once a week, if that... but I miss her everyday.  Funny, huh?

7. Sometimes I love basketball. Sometimes I hate it.  And sometimes being a coach's wife really isn't that fun.  But sometimes, it is the best thing in the world.

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