Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Long Day

My day went something like this. 

Woke up at 445, which should be illegal.  Scurry around, manage to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and get myself dressed in 15 minutes.

Rode in almost comatose silence to Louisville.  Pearl Jam did improve my mood.

Attempt to sleep in the car while Wallace completed his PT test.  It was only 34 degrees.  I realize that I had an advantage, as I was actually able to go to sleep for a few minutes. And I had a blanket.  And I wasn't running or doing pushups or situps...

But I was rudely awakened by the chirpy skinny-minnys running the track.  Now, no offense to any of my running buddies... but why would anyone in their right mind who did not have to be out, in the cold, before dawn, be running?

So.. I read.  Dropped Wallace off at the unit.  Went to Panera bread and read my Bible and made a to do list (kind of, sort of... I still have no idea where to get started at.) and ate a blueberry muffin that was scrumptious and kind of fits into my diet, since it has fruit in it.

And I read my Bible some more.

Lunch at Red Lobster with my soldier.

Two hours in a bookstore.

Drove some of the way home so Wallace could try to sleep.

Iron clothes.

Walk on the treadmill and watch Dance Moms DVR.

A good hot bath, reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Finish looking over lecture notes.

And now, I'm snuggling with the best boy in the world and watching Disney.  Can't beat that.

This past week has been LOOOONNNNGGG.  Today was long, too.  I'm almost ready to get back to work to get settled into a routine.

Even if this week means four ballgames in six nights.

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