Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take Your Weather Back

I am not made for winter.

And before you get in further into this post, let me go ahead and make the disclaimer that I may come across as sounding a tad bit whiny.

That's ok... because I am whining.

The first snow on Tuesday was marvelous because I got a snow day, which I thoroughly took advantage of by working on not working on my systematic review, and reading a couple of good books.

And Wednesday I really wasn't too sad that we got another snow day. I even worked on  reviewing some articles.

Thursday, I relished in my automatic starter on my car until I realized that I hadn't left it set on defrost.  I made Wallace two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, left him in bed, and went outside to use a broom to get the three inches of snow off my car.  I fishtailed out of the driveway and made it to Hazard minutes before my class started. Thankfully, my good friend Jenna was there to get them started had I been a little late.  I missed disaster and avoided all snow drifts. 

Friday morning I remembered just how thankful I am for running water, as we had none because our pipes had frozen.  I recognize it could have been a lot worse, but somehow the whole waking up late and scurrying to pack for the trip to Bowling Green and trying to brush my teeth with bottled water put me into a lovely mood.  I did manage to be thankful that I didn't have to drive, and also that I would get something good to eat for lunch.

Our series of misadventures continued when Cracker Barrel did not have Jenna's selected entrĂ©e, but didn't tell us that until our order had been put in for fifteen minutes.  Add to that the manager that seemed to stalk our table, constantly whispering to our waitress, and the fact that the waitress dropped the tray with our food on it... Well, my day was not really improving... but good company can make up for a lot.

The beautiful drive to Bowling Green deluded us until we stepped out into the parking lot at Hobby Lobby and inhaled, only to have icicles form in our lungs.  I did find Caleb some glow in the dark paint and my Mamaw Bert a windchime shaped like an owl, which she offered to pay me for today when I told her it was a gift. 

9 AM central time brought dicey road conditions in Bowling Green, and we faced a five hour drive after class was called off after only ninety minutes... but we really didn't have any trouble. Raisin' Canes for lunch and some 80s on 8 made the looonnng trip home a little more enjoyable.

And then it started snowing again as soon as I got down to Mom's house.


North Pole, you can have your weather back.

Now, I'm going to go bury myself under a blanket. 

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