Monday, January 20, 2014

Mount Everest in My Hallway

Today I spent three hours folding and hanging clothes and towels.

Pretty much consecutive, with a couple of breaks to play Candy Crush thrown in.

And there are still several piles.

I'm surprised we had clothes to wear the last couple of weeks.

My laundry management is always a problem, but especially during basketball season. With late night games, I throw stuff in the washer and dryer, then pull them out and they stay there...

And they add up....

and add up...

Until it really looks like Mount Everest in my hallway.

It is no irony that Mount Everest has proven to be deadly... because today, I seriously thought that laundry pile would be the death of me.

But I survived, to live another day and to fold another set of towels.

Maybe I'll get a snow day, and we can lounge in our PJs all day long again...

and then I'll have nothing else to write about but my laundry.  And you'll feel blessed that you have a more exciting life than me =)

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