Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday night ramblings

So, I really don't feel like writing tonight.  It's been a long day (but a good one), complete with student orientation and meetings, and church and homework and helping my Mom and Dad pack what seemed like a million boxes left from the wedding (ok, the number was probably closer to 20).   But I did make a resolution to write every day this year and while I'm not batting 100, Ive been pretty consistent, and I'm afraid if I get out of the habit I won't start back.  Surely, I can manage my time to squeeze in 15 minutes to write...

Two thoughts- one thing that has really been pressing on my heart as I complete both my Nehemiah and my Proverbs 31 study is the importance of people.  At this time during the semester, with all of the things we instructors have to do to get ready, it is VERY easy for me to look at the list of stuff that I have to do and get perturbed when I am interrupted.  I'm  not a very patient person by any means, and when I'm feeling overwhelmed, my patience tends to go out the window.  What's been hammering on my heart, though, is it's not just about productivity. I've written about this before... it's not a list of tasks... the reason I am doing those tasks centers around people... and it's not about works, it's about the people the works are for.  Proverbs 31:31 says, "And her works praised her at the gate." That's because her works were the people she performed them for.  So one thing I'm praying for this semester is that I never lose sight of the fact that it's about my students, my coworkers, Wallace and Caleb and my volleyball girls... the kids in childrens' church and the people attending the Hundred Years concert (Sept 20... mark your calendar... Douthitt Park... I am so excited).  It's about the people I'm teaching CPR for and the people they may potentially save.. our patients laying in the bed who can't help themselves... the people I meet in Walmart and on the sidewalk and in the football stadium that I smile at who might not see any Jesus in anybody else but me... boy, that's a scary thought sometimes!

And my other random thought came tonight in Bible Study. Pastor Gary was talking about how everything we have, every gift we have, comes from God.  He talked about the Israelites and how God knew that when they came into the land of plenty they'd get all self-righteous, which is exactly how I am when something starts going good. Anyway, somehow he ended up in Acts, where Jesus blinded Saul and asked him, "Why are you persecuting me?"  I almost got tears in my eyes when I wrote "God takes things personally... He takes our troubles personally."  When I'm hurting, He hurts.  So maybe I should take things personally, too... which gets me back to the whole people thing.  Break my heart, Lord, for what breaks Yours. 

Ahh... am I up for the challenge? 

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