Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eye Troubles

I've been going to the eye doctor for a long time.  30 years, to be exact.  I got my first pair of glasses in June of 1982, so I'm pretty accustomed to the eye doctor.  And I've gone to the same eye doctor the whole time.  When I  was little, they used to buy me coloring books.  The guy who makes my glasses knows all my family and even gave me free contacts when I got married...

Lately, I've been having trouble reading.  I know it's probably because I read so much, on the computer and in textbooks and then just for fun.  I've noticed things are blurry and sometimes it takes a lot for my eyes to adjust.  So to Lexington I go for an eye visit.

As I sat there with my pupils dilating, unable to see much of anything, I thought a lot about how our Christian lives are kind of like that.  There's something going on that blurs our vision, making us lose focus of what is really important.  If we're patient, it will fade like the drops that caused my pupils to be dilated.  If not, we get up and stumble around and end up hurting ourselves (no, I've never done this, because I know better.  But I do have to say that when I leave the doctor's office, I'm usually holding on to the person who is my "driver"). 

It's easy to lose focus.  I'm glad I've got God to keep me looking in the right direction.  And while I'm talking about eye doctors, can I just say that I HATE the refractory test?  Surely I'm not the only one who can't tell the difference between 1... and 2... and this is 2... and which is better, 3, or 4?  I'm worn out just thinking about it. 

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