Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Consignment Thinking

Today we met Kami in London (Kentucky!) and picked up Riggins. We got there a little early so decided to go to the Vender's Mall.

I love Vender's (or Peddlers or whatever they may be called) Malls because you seriously have no idea what you will come across.

Today, though, as we roamed up and down the aisles, looking for a "bus" for Melody to play with, I started thinking about the items on the shelves.

As I gazed at the chipped crockpot with the lid placed on it askew, I thought of the young housewife who may have received that as a wedding gift. How she may have anxiously tried out a recipe passed down from her grandmother and sat across from her husband, holding her breath as he took his first bite. Did she get it right? Is it even edible?

The set of porcelain dishes lined with flowers may have served some ladies group, or been used for a fancy tea party for a grandmamma and her grandchildren.

All of those Barbies had entertained some little girl for hours and hours, changing their clothes and brushing their hair and getting them ready for a date with Ken.

Those books had fascinated some little girls as she hovered under her covers with a flashlight on because her Mom told her to turn off the lights.

Some of those objects had happy memories attached to them, but many of them may carry negative significance- they are no longer treasure because of divorce or death or a necessary move.

Some of the stuff may seem like junk to the shopper... and maybe to the owner, since they were selling it...

but to others it truly is treasure, because of the memories associated with it.

And honestly, sometimes we are like those objects. Easily tossed aside and forgotten. Full of painful memories, so it's easier just to get rid of us. Maybe you feel like that... maybe somebody has hurt you or rejected you recently and you find yourself asking why.

Here's the thing... those objects that were tossed aside? Put up for sale? Someone will stumble upon it and put it to use again. The crockpot may help a down on his luck college student have something semi-homemade as he studies for finals. There will be new little girls having tea parties and brushing Barbies hair. Those books will transport someone else to a magical land.

Things that may seem as though they have little to no value, but somebody will always find a use for something. If you don't believe me, you've never visited my Papaw Paul's basement, where he kept hundreds of bread ties because "you never knew when you might need them".

And like those objects with seemingly no value, you have value.  You are valuable more than you know!!! And you'll never be a hand me down or cast off!

As I type this, I'm looking around my living room. There's the teddy bear that Caleb brought me home for Christmas, a Mission of Hope giveaway that he was so proud of. A conch shell my Uncle Greg brought Caleb home from the beach. A Longaberger basket Wallace surprised me with. My Bybee pottery is more than just pottery... I can't look at it without thinking of standing in line with Mom outside of the shop early in the morning, and the eeriness we felt driving the morning after 9/11.

So the next time you stop into a consignment shop or visit a yard sale, stop to think about those objects that have been cast away. Think about the people who they belonged to, who cherished them... and maybe say a prayer for them.

And then snatch up whatever bargain you can and give it a place of significance.

And whenever you are sitting uncomfortably at a meeting or at school or standing in the line at the grocery story, see that person next to you as a treasure, too...

You never know what you may find.

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