Tuesday, December 13, 2016

All Things Christmasy... Well, Kind of.

So today is my last official day of work in 2016, which always brings much excitement to my life.

Until I look around my office and realize that in three weeks, I'll step back into the chaos of disorganization, only three weeks removed, meaning that I will have forgotten the location of the things I thought I had placed where I would never forget.

Surely I'm  not the only one?

However, nothing gets one in the Christmas spirit quite like remembering that you only have one Christmas present purchased.

So, to celebrate the season, I download every Christmas book I have purchased throughout the year and lose myself in the magic of fairy tale Christmases.

The first Christmas book I've completed this year is A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury.

 Kingsbury is one of my absolute favorite authors, and I was delighted to find out she was bringing back the Baxters. This book is everything you want in a Christmas novel. It's got a production of A Charlie Brown Christmas, family get-togethers, recipes, and a little bit of smooching under the mistletoe...

But it's also got a very serious message behind it. A message that family is everything. That we keep on impacting others even after we've taken our last breath here on Earth. That our heart will go on... (channeling my inner Celine Dion).

Family patriarch John Baxter gets it. He's loved and lost, and found true love again  in his second wife, Elaine. The Baxter family has had their shares of ups and downs in the past, which is what makes this beautiful novel all the more heartwarming. Following the loss of his daughter, her husband, and their three daughters, John wants to open his home to the recipient of her heart on Christmas Eve.. The family is split about whether it's a good idea...

but the story that follows leads the reader on a true tale of redemption.

I loved this book. That's all. Once I started it I couldn't stop it. Go out and buy it yourself!!! Click this link.

I did receive a free advanced readers copy from and agreed to post my honest review, which this is.

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