Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Mama

Y'all, I had good intentions.

Really, I did.

My alarm was set for 515 AM.  Then, when it went off, I thought of how I'd have a half-hour or so before work after dropping Caleb off.  Surely I could get some quiet time in then, right? And maybe even a walk, depending on how early I could get him moving.

So I reset that alarm... even thought I sat right up in bed and was awake.

And then I hit the snooze button twice.. (which is actually an improvement. Last week I think the minimum was three.)

So it was a mad dash to the ironing board, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, and straightening, straightening, straightening my hair, even though it was pouring the rain and it ended up being more curly than when I started.

And this was before we went out the door.

Caleb was in typical Monday morning fashion. The honeymoon with sixth grade was over, and Caleb wanted to stay in his bed a little longer.

His Mama did, too...

So after a few loud demonstrations of his Monday morning pleasantries, we headed to town. (And I once again sent up a silent prayer of forgiveness and an apology to my Mama for similar Monday morning demonstrations 20 years ago).

We got halfway to town only to determine that Caleb hadn't saved his powerpoint on his jump drive.

And got behind a grader going 30 miles an hour on our way back home.

The clock was ticking. 

We couldn't be late on our first Monday of school, right?

So here I am, driving on wet roads and trying not to speed and trying to keep a calm tone of voice.  I may or may not have said, "Jesus" at least twenty times... and I wasn't taking His name in vain. I really needed Him.

And it hit me.  So I tweeted (not while I was driving, because I wouldn't do that. That's illegal and that's all I needed on a Monday morning... a ticket or something. And also because the way the morning was already going, it would have been highly likely that I would have rear-ended someone. Just that kind of lucky morning. And also because I have a preteen who will be driving soon and I must be a positive role model. )

"Today IS going to be a good day, even if it is Monday and the universe is conspiring against me. Greater is He in me, y'all. #Attitude"

And He is greater. 
I have His strength, and it can get me through... anything.  Monday mornings.  Running late.  Pre-teen attitudes.

And if He's in you, He can get you through whatever you're facing.

By the way, I had a great day, complete with Mexican and painting after school with Caleb, who was in fact not late to school and also had a great day..

once we got the uglies out of us.  Nothin' like the name of Jesus.

And all the tired Monday Mamas said Amen. 

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