Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contentment is...

"You're blessed when you are content with just who you are- no more, no less. That's the moment you find yourself proud owner of everything that can't be bought." - Matthew 5:5, The Message.

My Siesta Scripture Memory Verse #10... As I am working through Bible studies about Breaking Free from bondage and being satisfied with God as my only god... Contentment with me, myself and I and who I am in Christ seemed very important.  We are told to be content in all circumstances.  The part of this verse that I love, other than the reminder to just strive to be me, is "everything that can't be bought." Some of my "can't be bought" (even though some of these may have monetary value)
1. Rain on a tin roof at night (As I am writing this it is 45 degrees outside but the rain sounds so good!)
2. Hearing my little man laugh.  Quote of the day, "Mom, scratch my back knuckles. You know, those things that stick out in your back."
3. A hubby that will take your car to have the oil changed and tires rotated and brings it back to you with a full tank of gas (especially since pumping gas in the aforementioned rain is no fun).
4. Laying on the couch and reading my Kindle.
5. Brown butter cookies
6. Grandparents in their 80th year of life
7. Zumba
8.A good Bible study
9. good friends
10. Knowing that God loves me for me
So, tonight, I am content.  I am blessed... far more than I could ever imagine.  It is my job to take those blessings and bless others.  It is my job to glorify God through my blessings.  And it is my job to not just be content, as this may lead me to grow complacent. It is my job to ACTIVELY be grateful. Every day.  Every minute.  "Some people live for history.  I say live for the moment." (slight paraphrase of Beth Moore).

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