Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Unashamed: A Book Review

I love Christine Caine.

I think maybe it's the Australian accent.

Or the story of her organization and all that it is doing for women worldwide to free them from human trafficking.

I was honored and excited to be chosen as a member of the launch team for her newest book, Unashamed.

Shame is something that is innately human from the very beginning. Whether we have deep shame from "major" sins  (aren't they all major??? But you know what I mean)... or just feel ashamed because we stuck our foot in our mouth, it's something that we all struggle with.

Thus, Caine's new book is relatable no matter where you are. She writes candidly of a difficult childhood, of how she was transformed by God, and how she still struggles with the battle of shame.

Because isn't that just like the enemy?

He keeps throwing stuff up in our faces and just won't let us forget.

Caine reminds us that we are God's image bearers, and God doesn't feel shame. She reminds us that if we are focused on looking up at Him, we can't look inward at our pasts... even if they were just yesterday. She talks about how our mistakes are not us... because mistakes are something that you do, not something that you are.

No matter what anyone else may have told you.

Caine tells us that we're created on purpose, for a purpose... and that we each have unique things to offer. If we allow shame to tell us to hide, we hide those unique gifts that someone needs from us.

She then teaches us the power we have to walk through our wilderness into freedom... power given to us by His Spirit that enables us to transform our minds. Sometimes this has to happen daily.

Caine gives Biblical examples ranging from the Adam and Eve to the Israelites to the lady with the issue of blood as she walks us through God's desire for us to live in freedom.

I'm giving this book a 4 star rating. It's my pleasure to review and recommend it. I did receive a free copy through Caine's launch team, but it is one that I would have purchased.

Unashamed is available TODAY at your favorite Christian book retailer, at

Amazon, or at Christine Caine's website.

Let's all #liveunashamed!

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