Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Purpose of Just Being

How has it been over two weeks since I've written here?  Two weeks!

And it's pretty much been the same ol', same ol'. Work.  Lecture.  Clinical. Friday night football. Reading. Nothing exciting.

Been doing a lot of thinking.  I'm reading A Million Little Ways, talking about finding art in your everyday life, and how all of us are artists in our own way...

Except I'm not an artist.  Never have been.  And I totally didn't think this book was for me...

Except we are art. We are His creation. We are His art, art breathing.

We all have a purpose.  As I'm rushing around, crazy` chaos, trying to just exist, I'm telling a story. 

And this week I've been thinking about what that story is, and how it reads, and how it affects others.  Some days I feel like I do really, really good... and then there are other days.

Days like I've had most of the past week.  And probably days like you've had sometimes, too. 

When you wonder just what it is that you are supposed to be doing.  What is the meaning to all of this? And it would be really nice if there was a burning bush or a voice in the middle of the night calling your name, except let's face it... we'd probably pee on ourselves if that happened. But a neon sign flashing, "You're on the right track..." or "Turn around now" would be nice.

But what I'm thinking tonight, and this is deep, y'all... What if this is it? I mean, not like eternally it, because I know this is temporary. But what if that whole big "purpose" is just what I'm doing... laughing with Caleb and smiling at the stranger in the grocery store and taking big deep breaths when I don't feel like I'm getting any air and worshipping as I'm driving down the road or walking on the treadmill...

What if the story I'm telling isn't so much about what I'm doing and what I'm accomplishing and how I'm feeling... but what if is about the other people I run across, that I don't even know their name?  So many of Jesus's story were about those who aren't even named.. because ultimately, His story, His time on earth, was about His Father.

And as I've been thinking that, as these words have been pouring out onto the screen, suddenly I can breathe a little easier... because if it's not about me, well, what I do doesn't matter so much... because if I can ever learn just to hand it all over, just to wring myself out and give it up, quit striving... well, He moves in, and He starts doing.. and I can just be.

Be art. Be a Mama. Be a wife.  Be a student.  Be a reader of His Word. Be loved and cherished and redeemed and forgiven and enough...

Because He is more than enough. And His grace is sufficient.

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  1. This was so good to read. The perspective that it's not about us, it's about Him. Lifting Him up for the world to see. Even it's it's just His reflection in our lives. And to reflect Him, we need to learn to love and worship Him, to follow His commandments. It reminds me of the little song... This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine....Sometimes what we're supposed to be doing is just to let it shine. Shine on!