Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September in Review

Today I turned the calendar to October, and sat there gazing out my window at the trees starting to change colors.  This week is Caleb's fall break and next week is ours (even though I will probably work.), and then it is midterm, and the semester is downhill from there.  I'm amazed, absolutely amazed that it has gone by so quickly.  It seriously seems like yesterday that I was writing my goals for 2013.  I've done pretty much nothing that I sat out to do, but it's still been a good year so far, and with three months left, I have no doubt it will end on a high note.  So... here we go with my monthly review.  

While still not exercising consistently, I am managing three or four days a week on the treadmill.  No weight loss, and in fact I might have even gained a little... but I'm moving.  I'm just going to keep on keeping on. 

Bible reading and memorization... ok, let's be honest. I've slacked off on memorization. Haven't opened my Chronological Bible... I'm reading Ephesians and yesterday it was just what I needed to read.  Starting Jesus the One and Only next week, and then A Confident Heart by Renee Swope on October 13th.  I also bought Beth More's Simulcast recording and am looking forward to this weekend.. it's on Romans 5, talking about that one word... grace =)

Blogs and pictures... Have just.  about. quit.  This month I'm resolved to do better... starting tonight.  

I read 9 books in September for a total of 86 books... I've reached my goal on one thing, at least.  More on reading in another blog.  Been slow on my counting gifts... 28 things I'm thankful for in a day (10,000 in a year's time), so I'm taking her up on it this month.

Sleep... Doing better. Getting about 7 hours a night. Still struggling with getting up early, but it is what it is.

Grace.  2013... I've needed it.  I've gave it, some.  It is what it is... and I'm going to keep on pressing on, to the best of my ability.. living, and improving a little each day.  Isn't that what it's about, anyway?  =)

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