Friday, January 4, 2019

I Am...

I AM POEM (fill in the blacks with the directions.  Be as unusual as you dare!)

I am     quiet and unsure. 
I wonder     what is going on in Heaven right now.
I hear     the TV blaring.
I see    the cursor blinking on my computer screen.
I want     to be content.
I am     quiet and unsure.
I pretend     that I am confident.
I feel     as though I can conquer mountains.
I touch     someone else's life.
I worry     that I'll never get "it" right, or that I won't even figure out what "it" is.
I cry     when I think of others hurting.
I am     quiet and unsure.
I understand     that Jesus is enough.
I say    that God is in control, and I am not.
I dream    of words on a page going into the world to make a difference... my words.
I try     to live in the moment.
I hope     because there is no other option.
I am     quiet and unsure.

This was written using a prompt from
I plan to use it more than one time this year... as I seek out who "I am."

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