Thursday, July 6, 2017

Prayer, Continued

Last night I wrote about prayer and then this morning part of my devotion was about how prayer.

I love it how God will keep bringing something up to get your attention.

You see, I'm not the best pray-er.

I feel like I've written this before.

I have good intentions.

I KNOW prayer is powerful... after all, I'm Naomi Clemons's granddaughter, and if I had a dollar for everytime a patient in the hospital would say, "Tell your Mamaw to pray for me. I know if she's praying, I'll be ok." I'd be a rich woman.

And I'm not sure why I don't pray like I should. I have all kinds of excuses. I'm too busy. I forget. I don't know what to say...

but that's all those are; excuses.

Because as I mentioned last night, I can pray anywhere and the words don't have to be eloquent or anything over the top. After all, God already knows my heart. He knows what I'm going to say. He just wants me to make the effort... to be in relationship with Him.

Will you join me in being more intentional in prayer? Perhaps when you see someone who has a prayer request, say a prayer right then... either out loud or in your heart.  After all, we are told to pray without ceasing, so I'm thinking that means all day, every day.

Another thing that we skimmed over in Bible study was how different people express themselves different ways. I never will forget one time in church my Mamaw wanted me to go pray at the altar. I informed her that I could pray just fine in my pew... and I still believe that... but I also think maybe I need to humble myself a little more.

Ouch. That just hurt to type that. Not to get all legalistic because y'all... some of my best prayers have been prayed in my car driving somewhere. I got choked up a few minutes ago just watching a video on my computer and found myself thanking God.

And that's another thing. One of the guys said he felt like the outdoors was his church and this summer I have totally gotten that. I don't know if it's just that being outside makes me feel close to loved ones lost or what, but you can't stand in the middle of Red River Gorge and not feel something. Or sit in a kayak on a still lake with the sun bouncing off the water in front of you. He truly is everywhere but when I'm right there in His pure creation, uninhibited by all the craziness of other people, I know He's God and it just makes me want to praise Him.

So... that's another thing. Find something that makes your heart sing, and then do it. Even if you can't carry a tune. Even if you don't have any words. Praise Him, for you... and I... and the earth... are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Praise Him. Humble ourselves and make it about Him. Get those feelings off your chest. And then... allow Him to give you peace even if He doesn't answer right away...

because all things are working for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

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