Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Doing Busy Better- July 4

Who isn't busy???

I'd wager a bet that there's not many of us who don't feel overwhelmed at times.

Busy can even be a competition... the more things on our plate, the more important we must be, right???

But deep inside, we still feel as though something is missing.

We neglect the important things to focus on things that we think matter.

And then we find ourselves stressed, feeling unblessed, and chaotic... so much so that we can become paralyzed to the next good thing.

God didn't want that for us.

He modeled rest for us in the very beginning, and rest is something that He expects us to do.

Whitwer gets this.

She is a recovering "busybody"... that is to say, she, too, loaded her plate to high.

She, too, got overwhelmed...

but she realized through the grace of God that it was a rough way to live, and completely against what God desired for her.

In this book, she wants to share that with her readers.

I found this book very easy to read, with simple to understand language, as though we were sitting down for coffee and chatting across the table.

She offers real-life examples from her own life, as well a planning tools to help the reader lasso in the craziness.

Biblically based with scripture throughout, this book offers hope that by seeking God's will, being obedient, learning to prioritize on the most important, and resting in Him, we, too, can find peace in our chaos.

We can still be busy...

just busy, better.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels overwhelmed or anyone who is looking for a way to ensure they are living a meaningful life.

I was honored to serve on the launch team for this book, and received a free copy of this book to do so. This is my honest review.

You can purchase Doing Busy Better on Amazon.

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