Sunday, July 31, 2016

What I Learned this Summer

1. Emoji etiquette
I'm kind of late to the tech game, and don't know a whole lot about emojis.  I do think some of them are cute... but I'll admit that as I stare at some of them on the keyboard I have no idea what any of them represent! They've become a craze, though, and some are easily recognizable.. but I had not idea that emojis can be overused. And also, there is such a thing as an emoji expert. How can one get that job? Check out this clip for emoji etiquette!

2. The making of sponges
I read a book set in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where the sponge docks were a key location, and that got me thinking about sponges. I guess because I mainly purchase synthetic sponges to wash my dishes... but sponges are real, live things. I feel like I should have known this because of SpongeBob Squarepants, but... I mean, they are created... but there are also REAL sponges harvested from the sea.  And they are high quality.

3. Peppers are a fruit. I feel like I should have known this as Paul Griffith's grand-daughter.

4. Natural Bridge, Kentucky has more than one trail. See Our Summer of Hiking for more.

5. There's nothing like being outside to clear your mind. The more time on the lake I spent, the more time in the hills breathing in the fresh air as I avoided tree roots in the path, the better I felt. This summer has rejuvenated me.

6. It doesn't matter how much you're ready, losing somebody hurts. My Papaw had been sick for several years, and hadn't been able to get out and do things that he wanted to do. It was hard to see him in the nursing home bed the last few months, knowing that he'd rather be at home watching his TV, or better yet, out on his tractor... but even knowing that, and knowing he was ready to go, it still hurts. A month later, and I still catch myself wanting to walk over to the nursing home during Caleb's football practice to peek in on him. I thank God for the time that I got to spend with him, though, and am reminded that I mourn with hope and that we should live each day to the fullest.

7. The beach does make some things better. As I sat at the ocean's edge and contemplated life, how big God was and how very small I was the week after Papaw died, I knew that in His infinite wisdom He has a plan for all things, and that while I may not see them working out now, I will eventually.

8. Teenagers are fun. I knew that, but was reminded of it this summer as I watched Caleb and Lauren Green laugh and joke. Tonight on my walk, Lauren was in the hammock and Caleb was standing in the yard dancing, and it was pure joy for me to watch.

9. I am too old to tube on the lake...
I learned this when my cousin's inner tube came unplugged, causing Wallace and I to flip head over heels and hit the water... hard.
I've been head over heels for him for years now, but this brought all new meaning to it.

10. Family is the most important thing. Spending time with my Clemons Clan gang, my Griffith family at Green River or at my cousin's baby shower welcoming Baby Scarlette, or the Bates/Bowling group on Twin Cedar Road this summer has been like balm to my soul. Hearing Melody laugh and seeing her begin to toddle, or listening to Will talk, or just holding Wallace's hand as we rode around Hollybush... well, knowing you belong is comforting. Having someone who knows you, who gets you, who lets you just be you, is invaluable. God made us for relationships, but too often we humans mess them up. May I continue to grow in grace and love, and continue to appreciate these gifts that have been loaned to me for this time.

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