Sunday, July 10, 2016

Let's All Smile


life is tough.

This world is pretty much crazy.

Every time you turn on the TV, there's somebody new protesting something...

or somebody's getting shot...

or there's a natural disaster.

And I KNOW that we aren't supposed to let the troubles of this world trouble us, because we're born for something more, but sometimes it's hard.

It's hard to stay positive.

It's hard to love.

It's hard to see good.

So, today I posted this status on my Facebook page:
"So my newsfeed is pretty much arguments over the wet/ dry vote and coverage of protests and lying politicians so...
What's something good going on in your neck of the woods?
Melody Belle is walking AND blew me bye bye kisses so I challenge you to top that! Come on, make us smile!!"

And, seeing as how my facebook friends and family are so daggone awesome, they didn't let me down. They commented about their lives and even posted pictures of their babies and their families and it sure did make me smile.

See, it's about the little things. It's about making memories, so that when we are faced with the dark and depressing, we can pull those babies out of our back pockets and soak it up.

Here's what's making me smile right now (other than Melody Belle and my fabulous friends sharing):
1. Caleb Bates. Even though he infuriates me some days, he also makes me laugh my head off until my belly hurts.
2. Will Bates. My favorite? The other day I was eating Fungyuns in the front seat of the truck. Will said, "I smell something yellow." I said, "You want a Fungyun?" Will said, "Yes me do."
I never knew that yellow had a smell...
3. The USA Gymnastics Trials. I get excited during Olympic time, even though I don't really follow the sports the rest of the year.
4. Cinnamon roll Oreos
5. Today we went on a ride around Hollybush Farm. It is one of my favorite places on earth.
6. Today we also had a water balloon fight. Wallace and I were picked on slightly, as both Will and Caleb wanted to pelt us good... but it was good fun.

Ok, let's hear it. What's making you smile?

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