Friday, June 24, 2016

Reflections on Purpose: May

Ok, I'm slacking again, y'all.

But it's not because I've not been intentional. I have been. I've really been pondering on purpose, and trying not to waste time...

Except it's hard not to waste time.

But really, I don't think swimming with Will and swinging with Melody and laughing with Caleb and hiking with Wallace is wasting time. It may not necessarily be productive, but I'm considering one assignment for this summer. It may not fully embrace living purposefully, but then again, it may...

My assignment for the summer (and maybe for the rest of the year? Not that I'm changing my word for the year... just choosing to reflect on it a little differently...)

Choose happy... and make memories.

And June has flown by but we've had fun.

But here's a reflection back on May (and maybe I'll actually do this earlier in the month next month. Except it's dead period so I'm pretty sure I'll be taking my assignment seriously until at least July 15th).
My 16 for 2016:
1. Live with Purpose- intentionally. Well, my planner must feel neglected, because I haven't been using it much. Have barely even opened it. And haven't really done the best about living intentional, either. Have spent a lot of time scrolling down the feeds on my phone... even thought I sat out to put the phone down.

But I have been living, if that makes sense, and not just finding myself thinking what something will look like if I post it on social media, which I think we can get in the habit of doing. Guess that means this is still a work in progress... and isn't all of life?

2. Exercise- Goal: At least five days a week, 30 minutes a day, and at least 10,000 steps 26/30 days or 27/31 days of each month (24/28 days in February). (Because nobody is perfect).

May was much better on the exercise front. Still gained a little weight, but exercised 26/31 days and averaged over 12,000 steps a day.
3. 1,000 Gifts- Gratitude Journal
I don't do this every day, but I do make a conscious effort when I sit down to journal to think back over the previous days and list as many gifts as I can. I'm up to 600. Blessings are easy to find when you are looking!
4. Scripture-
Finished May, even though I stayed behind most of the month. Love writing His Word out... just need to be more intentional about making time to do it.

5. 365 Day Challenges- One picture a day and writing at least 10 minutes each day. One of my facebook friends developed a challenge and we even have our own hashtag- #write365.
Nope. Not even close. Am not even using the hashtags whenever I post. But I am writing some. aNd I am taking pics some. So...

6. Reading Challenge-
Well of course I'm excelling  in this one... except the challenge link part attached. I read 9 books in May so am a little behind on meeting my overall goal. (More on what I'm reading in another post).

7. Chronological Bible-  Still struggling but I am determined.  I WILL read the Bible all the way through this year.

8. Y'all. I love this daily email. The words they send are a hoot. While I'm not memorizing them, I'm definitely being exposed to new vocabulary.

9. Random/Unrandom Acts of Kindness- Yep. And sometimes it's small things that mean the most. It truly doesn't take a lot of time to make somebody's day.

10. Presence- I am so enjoying my family. In the month of May, Papaw Paul was in the hospital and I stayed all night with him and we had such a sweet time. Listening to Melody "quarrel" and Will talk and hiking with Wallace and Caleb. I'm trying to listen and just take it all in... because these are days I'll never get again.

11. Cross something off of my bucket list. Nothing off my bucket list yet but I am continuing work toward that DNP. Slowly but surely. Prayers, please!

12. Be more organized. Procrastinate less. Fold the laundry as I get it out of the dryer and actually put it away =)
I've done a little better. Still haven't got everything accomplished that I would like to.
13. Laugh. Everyday.  Hard.
Because laughter is truly good for the soul.
Yes!!!! I've laughed a lot! And it's great!
14. Keep a Sabbath day of rest.
Done well with this one. Been spending a lot of Sundays reading and on the lake and hiking, which is refreshing and allows me to reflect on nature.

15. Make new friends. Make time for old ones.
Still a struggle for me. I am trying to make conversation. Show myself friendly. Need to continue to work. Caleb and I have made a goal this summer to get to Lexington to meet up with my childhood friend. Too often I let being busy be an excuse.

16. Continue to love. Love Jesus. Love myself. Love others.
Living out my values: Be Yourself. Laugh Often. Live well. Love long. Just breathe. Work it out. Finish Strong. Hope always. Give grace. Positive Thinking. Jeremiah 29:11. Romans 8
Thanking God that He put these in my heart his year. Reflecting on giving grace and positive thinking and living well can't lead me wrong. And, as always, thanking God that His grace is sufficient.

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