Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giddyup, Eunice: A Review

Kentucky was officially a border state in the Civil War, but I still consider myself Southern.

I say y'all.  A lot.

But I've never really had a hankering for sweet tea... Diet Coke is just fine with me.

I do, however, love SEC sports, and I love small towns and bargain shopping and good manners.

I'm pretty sure Sophie Hudson and I could be close personal friends...

and that's why I was so stinkin' excited to get to serve on her launch team for her new book, Giddy Up, Eunice.

I'm a faithful reader of her blog and devoured her first two books, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet (Because it has bacon in its subtitle!  Bacon!! I love me some bacon!!!) and Home is Where My People Are.

And by devoured, I mean sat down and pretty much read them in one sitting, all while laughing and crying and staining the pages with Doritos as I ate.

Giddy Up Eunice is written with that same sweet Southern flair, but really hit home with me. If y'all follow my blog much, you know my hubby coaches girls basketball and volleyball, and I consider those girls my own. Hudson's message of cross-generational commonalities really made me think of my self-proclaimed mission field.

Using three pairs of women from the Old and New Testament of the Bible, Hudson discusses how women need each other. As she described the relationships between these women, throwing in splashes of real-life from the Hudson house, I thought about how women today face so many complications. We've got it rough, ladies... and often make each other our own worst enemies.

Hudson is funny but poignant, and the theme of how we affect all of those around us can be lifechanging. When we choose to stop judging one another, and instead come along and encourage, we can change the culture around us.

As a Mama of a 13 year old, Hudson's chapters about legacy and teaching our children were especially dear to me. Us Mamas and Daddies...we've got a tough job. Our only chance is to live it out. Live it so they can see Him... Jesus... the author and finisher of our stories.

"Life is infinitely richer when people are our priority... women need each other..."

Amen and amen, Ms. Sophie. And thank you for pouring out your heart and being vulnerable to us.

Five stars all the way... a must read for any Mama, grandma, woman... because we are privileged with the honor to get to do life alongside one another.

Now go by the book! Available today!!!



I did receive a free advanced reader's copy for my honest review as a member of the launch team, but I would highly recommend this book and it would definitely have been one I would have purchased!!!

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