Saturday, September 27, 2014

Walking the Walk

This morning I was privileged to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS in Lexington in memory of Joe Henson.  While my Mom only had three biological children, she's had innumerable cheerleaders, ballplayers, and students who she'd gladly claim as her own.  Joe was one of those, as was Missy, and this cause is one she holds dear to her heart because she saw the impact Joe made on others.  She benefited from him as a physical therapist, as did many in our community. She's had Micah on Wednesday nights at church and has known the family for years.

So it was a given that she'd want to go to the walk... so Caleb and I went with her.

This year, I was struck by what a privilege it was to walk... because there are always those who can't.  Most of the participants are there because a loved one has faced ALS, and some of those currently facing the disease are present. They're easy to pick out, because ALS isn't a disease that strikes quietly.  Instead, it rages through the neurons and depletes what control the patient has.  As the disease takes over, they lose their ability to speak, and instead use machines, computers, or smartboards to communicate for them. They lose their ability to walk and depend on motorized wheelchairs.  They lose their ability to breathe easily on their own, often developing respiratory difficulties.

But they retain their essence... they are fully aware. You see it in their eyes.  You see it in their determination. You see it in ways they show their love for their families.

I got teary-eyed a couple of times, because life just doesn't seem fair...

And it's not. 

It's not up to me, though, to make those decisions, and if we believe anything at all, we must cling to Romans 8:28. 

There is good in all things...

He has a plan, and it is much higher than ours.

He gives us this moment.  We have just this fleeting time to make a difference. 

That seems to be a recurring theme of mine here lately.

As I think about figuring out His purpose (do I even need to? Maybe I need to quit trying to figure out and just be... just let Him do the directing)...

As I think about what my best yes is... How I can put this moment to the best use... Because, after all... there is only one September 27, 2014...

This morning, my best yes was getting up and going to Lexington with Mom.  It was in the small donation that I made.  It was in supporting Missy and her family as they remembered Joe.  Most of all, it was in walking that walk.

4 short laps around Rupp Arena... not much, really...

4 laps around makes a mile.

On a good day, I walk 5 miles at a time. 

Today, though, it wasn't about distance... not in that way, anyway.

My best yes was in showing up, and walking behind those who couldn't.  Being a presence to show them and their families that in whatever way, they are supported... that people still care.

And appreciating the everyday gift of putting one foot in front of the other.

So very blessed... and such an honor.  Praying for a cure...

(Money raised at this event go to support patient and family support services.

Donations are still being accepted at

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