Sunday, July 28, 2013

Priorities? People

It has been almost a week since I've written... and a busy week of "rest".  There were several days when I wasn't even really on my computer, and then there's been that paper that has been hanging over my head...except it really wasn't.

We had Vacation Bible School on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week.  I taught on Monday night about love, Romans 5:8, while I was a sinner. Then, on Tuesday, I sat in the back of the church and listened to story time while I scribbled out a rough draft of my paper.  The lesson was on being the light of the world, a light that is not hidden. As I sat jotting down ideas on my notebook paper, thoughts were swirling in my head about my light.  It's dim sometimes.  I can't stress how I need Him to keep lighting me, to keep flaming the fire, even though the embers may be dim at times.  Wednesday night we talked about The Bible and how we need God's Word on a daily basis.  I've been slacking... and I miss it.  My soul aches when I don't get in that Word like I need to.

Before VBS on Wed., me, Mom, Grandma Na and Caleb visited some of our cousins up at Whick to hand out invitations to our family reunion coming up.  He did pretty good but got whiny and bored.  As we were coming home, I was quarreling at him and talking about letting his light shine.  I said, "Did you let your light shine?" And he said "Well, it was dim." I love that kid but he sure does try my patience!

Thursday we had a long day, as me, Mom, Kami, and Caleb headed to Green River Lake to visit some of my family from Michigan and other parts of Kentucky.  Every year they make the trip and stay the week.  This is probably one of my favorite parts of the summer.  As a kid, I can remember visiting Aunt June and her kids in Michigan, and my cousin Kyle spent many a night benchpressing me over his head.  It's always good to see Caleb hanging out with his cousins that he might otherwise have never really gotten to know.  He keeps up with most of them on Facebook...even those he doesn't really know.  Case in point? My Uncle Sonny... I was probably in high school before I knew his real name.  Anyway, Caleb was talking to my cousin Susan and said, "So, there are Garretts here, right?" And she said "Yes." He said, 'Well,  is there a Hollis Garrett here, because I have him on FAcebook but don't really know who he is." Everyone got a good laugh over that one. 

The next day we got up and headed back out to the lake.  I tubed with Kami and Caleb tubed with Kami and we just sat around for part of the day talking and catching up.  It never fails, I can go a year without seeing them yet feel right at home within minutes.

And then Saturday.  That paper was really hanging over my head, but I hadn't seen Wallace much (what with VBS and basketball open gym for him and his trips back and forth to Berea...) so when he asked me if I wanted to ride the Ranger around the hill with him as he dozed, well, I dropped that paper and took off.  I took a book with me but didn't get much reading done. As usual, it was an adventure, as we got the Ranger stuck and then the battery ran down so Greg had to come jump us, but it was still a great time.  Then we took the Corvette to town because Caleb was in Lexington with Papaw and Nana. 
Last night I went to Jenny Wiley and watched the Sound of Music with Mom and Aunt Lisa E. This has always been one of my favorite movies. When I was little, we watched it every Christmas Eve. The songs are glorious!  I sang My Favorite Things as a duet with Jeremy Paschall my
Senior year in Chorus.  The play was wonderful, the songs were just as I remembered, Marie was fabulous, and watching it amidst the green hills made it come alive.  And the rain held off until we got in the car, so it was a perfect night.

Church today... and then that paper.  I submitted it about five hours before the due date, and it was rough... but this summer I'm getting my priorities figured out.  And yes, I do want to get my doctorate, and we are to do everything to the glory of God, with all of our hearts, but everything has its place...and this week, it was all about the people.  Not the to do list, not the calendar that is slowly getting filled up for August... but the people.  Cause they are my priority... and I can't help but think that is how God has it planned, too. 

Have a blessed week!  Hopefully you'll see more of me than you did the past week.  Back to work on Thursday... but His grace is sufficient. 

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