Saturday, August 5, 2017

The New Kid

Thursday Caleb had freshman orientation.

Y'all. I'm wondering how in tarnation nearly fifteen years have just up and disappeared, because that's just what happened.

As I drove off from the high school I was feeling all kind of way...

because something Caleb had said to me really resonated with me.

As he was trying to decide what to wear, not wanting to be too casual or too overdressed, he looked at me and said, "Mom, you've never been the new kid."

And he's right.

I mean, sure, I went to new schools...

I changed from LBJ to SMS to Breathitt, and then went to college...

but I transitioned from those schools with people that knew me.

 Maybe people didn't necessarily like me... but they knew me.

And my Mom was in my high school with me, and she's basically a rock star in Breathitt County.

And college was just up the hill, and I rode to school with my Mom and walked up in the wintertime.

I'll let that sink in, y'all.

He then said, "You were so sheltered."

And that hit me below the belt, because he's right.

It's not necessarily a bad thing...

but at 38 years old I've never lived in a town where people didn't know me.

Until now.

I may have had a few tearful moments as I wondered through the Dollar General and didn't know a soul.

I walked into the gym for the parent session at the orientation that evening and felt uncomfortable, because a gym full of people you don't know is like the seventh level of Dante's Inferno to an introvert.

And let's face it. Either you feel invisible because everyone knows everyone else or you feel like an alien because everyone is looking at you and trying to figure out who you are and what you are doing there.

(And let me qualify this by saying that the people in Menifee County have been Ah-maz-ing to me and my family. They've gone out of their way to include us, have sought us out and asked how we are doing and are we getting settled in, have helped us figure out where things are at... you name it, somebody in the community has reached out to us.)

It's just that being new and having everything change is a tad bit overwhelming to this control freak.

As we drove back to Breathitt County last night, I did a lot of contemplating.

I know in my heart this is exactly where we are supposed to be, and I'm so excited because I know Wallace is going to do an awesome job. Things just worked out too well for it not to be God- a job opening up that I didn't expect, an awesome house to rent that is perfect for us, Bible scriptures and lessons as we geared up for the transition about stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting in Him always and going even when you weren't sure what you were headed to...

But I also know that even God-ordained things can be uncomfortable.

And I realize that if I'm uncomfortable, it's making me look to Him a whole lot more.

He's right there, where He's always been. If nobody else knows who I am, He does. And most importantly, I can know Whose I am.

He's already been where I'm going, and He'll be with me every step of the way.

And whatever you're facing...

He's there, too...

I don't think it's a coincidence that my word of the year is "Live", because stepping out of your comfort zone and being willing to take a few risks along the way is the only way to truly live...

And I know His plans are good.

As I look to this new opportunity, this new school year for me and my family, I'm excited for new opportunities.

I'm planning on capitalizing on every opportunity as it comes and truly living...

And I'm embracing Proverbs 16:3. "Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed."

It's all about You, Lord. Thank You for reminding me of that.

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