Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I Learned Winter Edition (January/February 2017)

1. George Washington was a victim of bloodletting?
So one night Wallace and I were watching Pawn Stars on DVR and one of the trivia questions at commercial break was about which famous American died of bloodletting. Bloodletting was a common medical practice, where blood was literally drained from the human body, though to release toxins and cure illnesses. It was used for nearly everything! According to the show, he had 9 pints of blood removed from a throat infection shortly before he died.  9 pints!!!

2. I love word origins. When I make time to look up words as I'm reading my Bible, I'm always amazed at the meaning behind the original words. One day, I was reading the Scripture about a crooked and perverse generation (forgive me for not jotting down the reference). It has the same root word, skolios, as our scoliosis... a "crooked" (S-shaped) curvature of the spine.

3. Another word origin... barn burner- I was watching a ballgame one night on ESPN and the commentators called it a barn burner, and that got me wondering why people called close games that. Basketball used to be placed in structures resembling a barn, maybe, and when they were on fire making baskets??? Or perhaps it just got so hot physically from the crowds and intensity of the game? The term actually comes from from the New York Democratic party,  as the barn-burners was one of two competing factions. It was thought to first be used in the sense of an athletic competition over a game of bridge.

4. Apparently they don't send out drivers license renewal forms.  I didn't realize this until Wallace and I were working on our tax paperwork. My license was... expired. And this makes twice it's happened. Needless to say, I wrote "check license" on the back page of my planner where I write things to do in the coming year... so it will be transferred over. Lord knows I don't want to have to take the drivers test again! Even though...

5. Driving isn't all that  hard, really...
I hate driving n traffic. I hate driving in weather.  But... Garth Brooks is Garth Brooks, and we had tickets, and by golly, we were going. So drive I did... to Cincy and back... I just wouldn't drive over Shoulderblade Hill. I even backed the car into the parking space, y'all, which is a major accomplishment for me, even with a back up cam! And it was worth it, because...

6. Garth Brooks is just as good the third time you see him on a tour.  We started off with him in Lexington, joined him in the middle in Louisville, and wound down in Cincy. Trisha Yearwood joined him in Lexington and Cincy. The last ttrip Caleb joined me and we had a great time. I love, love, love Garth Brooks and am amazed I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday morning but can remember words from songs 20+ years ago...

7. Winning District is just as fun the fourth time around.  Love my Ladycats!  This year wasn't the best season as far as wins and losses, but I've seen them grow so much on and off the court, and I am so extremely proud of them. And to top it off, Lauren Green had a picture of Caleb cutting the net with Wallace when he was two or three... and it was priceless to compare then and now.

8. When we think we are blessing others, really it's us getting the blessing...  My life as a coach's wife has taught me so much.  For as much as we have given to those we've been associated with, I've received ten fold.

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