Sunday, September 25, 2016


This post was inspired by the new book: Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman which releases November 15th! You can purchase a copy at

I just finished reading in Chapter 4, which talks about about "necessary people."

I immediately thought of my Mom, because she is more than necessary to me and so many other people around us.

But I've been thinking of other necessary people, and I want to give a shoutout to some of them...

Like the M&O department at the college where I work. They are forever unlocking doors for me, or packing books for me, or setting up the gym for displays for me. They are a great group of guys (and gal- Thanks, Sherri!)  and I couldn't do what I do without them!

And Shannon and Kena in academics. They are forever answering questions for me, e-scanning documents for me, helping me with scheduling, and allowing me to gripe when my day gets too hard.  And Brad and our IT guys, who keep this technologically challenged teacher able to minimally function. Pinky and Lesa and Ann and Bryan who help me when I'm not sure about advising and Leanna and Leanne in the business office who let me use their microwave and make sure I know how to complete forms.

Necessary people like the cashier at Walmart whose name I don't know but who always has a smile on her face as she scans my items, even when I have forgotten something and have to run to the back of the store to pick up toilet paper.

And the staff at McDonalds- Sarah and Miranda and Katelyn and Taylor and all of the others who I don't know personally. These guys make sure Caleb's chicken nuggets are cooked to perfection and call me beautiful when I go through the drive-thru and also exchange my drink for a Diet Coke when I may or may not have said Dr. Pepper accidentally.

Necessary people like teachers who go to work early and stay late and grade papers sitting in front of their TVs at night, but loan kids whose Moms never go to the ATM quarters for lunch.

People like my mailman, who just happens to be my cousin, who knew we were going on vacation and arranged for our mail to be stopped without us going into the post office.

Necessary people like the manager at Wendy's the other night, who kept bringing out chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets even though I'm pretty sure he brought out more than what we paid for. He kept a smile on his face and was courteous to a dining room of stinky football players.

And necessary people like Baretta, who works Caleb in at the last minute to get his hair cut, even though it's after football practice (and that can't be pleasant).

The lady who cleans the church and the man who mows the grass...

Cooks and janitors and bus drivers...

See, whatever it is you do, you have an eternal impact. Your job matters and you are necessary to somebody, even if you don't think so. Often, you're one of the only people with that skill set, and we need you!

So, thank you for whatever it is you do for this world... keep on doing it!
And know His grace is sufficient even when you feel like it's too hard and no one cares.

I see you... and so does He!

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  1. I love how you specifically pointed out necessary people and expressed your gratitude.