Saturday, April 16, 2016

183 Times a Year

183 Times  a Year is a book about family.

A blended family, with two teenage daughters, which clued me in real quick that there would be lots of drama.

The mother states in the book that the average of teenagers fighting with their mothers 183 times a year must be wrong, because in her house it is more like 183 times a day.

I can remember being that teenage daughter, and I'm pretty sure that most of the arguments were my fault!

Jordan brings to life a true family, with ups and downs and relationship struggles, difficulties of everyday life, and then, just like that...

It changes.

They're left to adjust and figure out exactly who they are and how they fit together.

The characters are likeable and believable.

I'd rate it 3 stars, though, because the story line at times seemed to drag along, and while it is helpful to have different viewpoints as the narrator changes, it is sometimes difficult to remember who is talking... and the language of the teenage characters can be difficult at times to muddle through. (I recognize that the author was trying to throw in teenage slang, and it was suitable... but a little excessive for my own personal liking).

I would recommend this book to a fellow reader, especially one who likes family angst and who could relate to the teenage drama. Some colorful language, though!
I received free access to this book through and am posting this review on their website. This book is currently available for purchase.  I receive no compensation from Amazon for using their link with the book information.

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