Friday, April 3, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Good

The Word starts in Genesis.

He speaks, and it comes into being.  Light in darkness.  Shapeless voids become earth.  The sea and the creatures in it. Animals. Humans.

And He saw that it was good.


The Word spoken into creation, was good.

The beginning was good.

And then something happened.

We became less than good.

Sin was invited in and we were no longer good.

What was in the garden was no longer good enough.

Our focus was skewed, and we forgot that God is a good God.

The middle is sometimes rough.

The story twists and turns and it looks like we may be forsaken...

but then The Word.

When the earth needed goodness, the Word became flesh.

Dwelt among men.

Brought light into darkness, but men were afraid of the light, because we were no longer good.

So He came.

He loved and forgave and healed and ministered...

And then, on Good Friday, He died.

He hung His head and said, "It is finished."

The ending.  He was the in the beginning, when it was good, and He wrote the ending, where He is good and we can be righteous because of His goodness.

It is finished.

We no longer have to be good enough... because He is more than enough.

We no longer need to try to hard... because He's already done it.

We are not good... but He is.

And that's all that matters on this Good Friday.

It.  Is.  Finished.

And in the end, it's too good for us to even understand.

Linking up with Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes, unedited, on one prompt. This week's prompt, on this Good Friday... Good.