Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You'll Really Not Care

I just checked the time on my phone and it is almost 2 PM and I'm realizing that I'm still wearing what I slept in last night and have done absolutely nothing today.

Sadly, I went to town this morning in my pajamas to take Caleb to school and the fact that I'm admitting that tells you that I recognize it is a problem...

However, I did not go to Walmart, so there is a plus side.

This spring break I have every intention of doing something productive like scaling Mount Everest... the equivalent of which is piled high in front of my dryer.

If you know anything about my life, you know that this is an ongoing battle, and one that I'm fairly sure I will not win by the time I am 40.

Daylight savings time (which I love... so I'm not complaining) and the lost hour of sleep which seems to haunt us for the next five weeks did not help my resolve to stay up once I dropped Caleb off.

Nor did the allure of the electric blanket or the rain pouring off of my tin roof.

And I'm pretty sure that the fact that I didn't set my alarm on my phone and managed to sleep until an unsaid time (left unsaid because members of my house would not be happy with me) will not bode well for tomorrow.

Yesterday, I thought to myself, "You need a schedule even though it is spring break." Left to myself, I'll while away the hours on the computer or reading or sleeping or staring out the window doing absolutely nothing.

However, I never actually got around to creating a schedule.  I did fold two loads of towels and wash two loads of clothes, which actually just increased the size of Mount Everest.

Or at least it will if I manage to remember to get them out of the dryer.

That being said, I still have three days to conquer the mountain and scrub the toilets and dust for what may or may not be the first time in 2015.

Tomorrow looks like a great day to go get 'em.


  1. Just keep doing "the next thing" and before you know it, it'll all be taken care of.

  2. Hey! We've missed you. You just hang in there girl. The time change has been horrible for me too, and I have felt like a failure as a mother lately, but we are not alone! Not only do we have community, but most of all we have our Father looking our for us and loving us no matter what.