Friday, December 5, 2014

What I'm Reading in December

As I'm typing this, I'm looking out my office window and it is pouring the rain.  I'm thinking it would be a good day to be at home, on the couch,  under my blanket reading.

Of course, to me, any day is a good day to be on at home, on the couch,  under my blanket, reading.

Last month I didn't read as much as what I normally do and I'm really not sure why.  I did read 11/22/63 by Stephen King and it was great... but long... so that may have been why.

So, if you follow my posts every month, some of these reads may sound familiar...

but they'll be finished by the end of Christmas break =)

Right now I'm reading Look Again by Lisa Scottoline.  Basically, it's the story of a news reporter who adopted a sick boy. One day, she checks her mail and sees a missing persons card where the little boy listed looks identical to her son.  This story follows her search to find out if this is just a coincidence, and it is an exciting read that I don't want to put down... but I leave it in my car and drive-thrus only last so long =) Best part about this book?  It's good and I bought it for only $1.00 at Half-Price books!

I just started The Christmas Tin.  I usually try to read some Christmas-y books in December, and this was another free one for the Kindle. 

Come to the Table by Neta Jackson is in the Souled Out Series, a follow-up to Jackson's Yada Yada Prayer Group series.  If you've not read those, you must!  They are warm, funny, with just a hint of drama and intrigue thrown in... and you feel like it's a mini-sermon because Jackson interweaves Scripture throughout.  Love, love, love these books!

Football season is winding down, so I'm fostering my love with a couple of football selections.  One is Rudy, the autobiography of the guy who the movie Rudy is based on. Written after the movie was filmed, it provides insight into his quest to play for Notre Dame, and life after football.  He's not at Notre Dame yet where I am, but I know it is coming! I'm also finishing up Dixieland Delight, a glimpse into the SEC week by week.  I generally save this book for Saturday, so last Saturday I read the chapter where Travis visits Kentucky.  I was a little put off when he described how difficult it was to be a fan at Kentucky, but our loss to Louisville kind of proved him right, so I guess I'll forgive him.  It's also laugh out loud funny at times because I can so relate to some of the stuff he says.  SEC fans are passionate about their schools.  Since Wallace and I  have season tickets that are located close to the visitors section, I've seen firsthand the passion... and it all comes out in this book. A must read for SEC football lovers!

For Proverbs 31 OBS, I'm leading a small group reading Max Lucado's Before Amen, a book on prayer.  It. is.  awesome.  And much needed right now.  I'm amazed as I've started this study and really started looking at intentional prayer how God has opened my eyes to the needs of others.  (More on that in another post). 

Night Road by Kristin Hannah is a gut-wrenching book.  It's about a teenager who was best friends with her boyfriend's twin sister... she actually was friends with Mia before Zach became her boyfriend. They are young, with their lives in front of them, when a tragic accident wrecks havoc on the relationship and their worlds.  It is good, and very relevant to today's society.  Hannah's books always make me think and pull on my heart strings.

Out of Time is the story of a lady who inherits her uncle's old house, and when visiting it to put it on the market, discovers that a Revolutionary War soldier has suddenly appeared in her garden shed.  I'm really just getting into this one, but it is an easy read.

Two Bible studies I'm doing- The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury and The Patriarchs by Beth Moore.  I only have about a week left in The Patriarchs.  I'm working through The Family of Jesus with my ladies group at church, and we are actually taking a break for the holidays, so I'll not be finishing up that one until January.

I'm also reading Get out of that Pit by Beth Moore with a book club.  We're reading one chapter a week, but we've gotten behind, but I hope to finish this one this month, too.

Upcoming books? Outlander series, I'm hearing, is a must.  Love Does.  Casual Vacancy.  The Prayer Box.  More Christmas books. 

I'd love to hear about yours!

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